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Uniflash 1.28 worked - sort of....

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2002 6:23 am
by fixitjr
I have an Abit BH6 board with the original 'JJ' bios version. I tried to upgrade the bios to the latest 'SS' version with several different versions of Awdflash.exe and none of them worked - They all froze up, some with interesting flashing patterns on the screen.

So then I saw people talking about Uniflash 1.28 and thought I'd give it a try... It didn't freeze up and did allow me to flash the bios, but now the board tells me that the cmos checksum doesn't match. I do have video and it will boot off a floppy, but I can't get into the bios. Furthermore, Uniflash now tells me that it doesn't recognize the bios.

OK - So all I need to do is -Force Uniflash to use the proper chipID and put the original bios version back (I did save it), right? Uniflash doesn't have a code for my chip. It's a Winbond W83977TF-AW 5v 256Kb. (This of course is the sort of thing I should have checked in the first place, no? And probably the reason the flash didn't work!)

So what do I do now? Where can I get the proper chipcode to make Uniflash talk to my bios? Why doesn't the Awdflash.exe provided by the board manufacturer work anyway?

Any help would be appreciated....

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2002 8:27 am
by janpopan
1. reset/clear your CMOS

2. if it not work, programm the correct chip and not you Super I/O chip :-)

the Winbondchip is not the Flash chip, the Flash chips has a sticker (most looks like silver) remove the sticker under the sticker you get the correct name of your flash chip