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Read out the BIOS-Information

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2002 9:08 am
by andihh
exist a Tool which can read the BIOS Information
(e.g. Networkcard-->enable or disable) from the Windows GUI ?
I cant reboot the Server to view in the BIOS(24h/7d online).
I dont mean the static info┬┤s, e.g. Bios-Version or which Hardware is detected.
Can anybody help me? :?


Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2002 5:58 am
by a_user
You might try SMBIOS.... look here

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2002 5:25 pm
by KachiWachi
I would be interested in knowing if there is a program out there that can read what a BIOS is capable of. I'm looking to know what CPU's my BIOS actually does know about and where that information is stored within the BIOS itself, with the intent of making an addition to that table.

Back on the old BBS, I had posted about trying to run a Cyrix MII 433GP on my DFI 586IPVG Rev. AD+, but I have only been able to run it at will not run at defaults to a 66MHz Cyrix and hangs the machine.

I've already dis-assembled the BIOS, but it's still all greek to me...any help?