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NEWS: BIOS tool collection - BNOBTC v4 released

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2004 10:56 am
by Borg Number One

On October 7th, 2004 the ultimate BIOS tool collection v4 [ BNOBTC ] has been released.
It contains really new versions of CBROM, AWDBEDIT, Awdflash, AmiBCP and maaaaany more great utilities.

It contains tools to
-extract BIOS-modules from AMI, Award, Phoenix, Intel Compaq BIOS etc.
-view all the diferent logo formats. (Phoenix, AMI, Award)
-modify the mentioned BIOSes

There is a link which shows the content of the archive too.

The BNOBTC contains really many tools, but it can be possible that you have further tools which are not in the BNOBTC.
In this case please mail me.
So your help will be honoured and you will improove the completeness of the collection.

Download the BNOBTC

For the web space thanks go out to:
Deep Thought

For all the tools thanks go to all the authors.
Further special thanks go to:
Anton Borisov
Michael Rosenbaum