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Which utility could do this flash? (P5AD2 to P5AD2-E Bios)

Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 7:55 am
by Gabriel
Good morning!
Since the 925X and 925XE Chipset are the same (The Stepping only defines if a chipset is 925X or 925XE) and the boards are identical (they wear the same on board devices),can an experiment like that have effect?
The problem is that i haven't found a utility capable of hotflashing those boards:
1)I've tried Uniflash 1.38 but doesn't seem to read correctly the 8Mbit ROM.
2)Afudos refuses me to do it...
3)Older afudos doesn't recognise rom...
4)Amiflash finds the rom chip locked...
5)WinSFI doesn't recognise the chip
6)asus flash for windows doesn't allow flashing due to different boards.
7)Awardflash-couldn't find award bios

Do you have any idea?I think that is possible to be happen...
Thanks for any help provided!!