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Possible to circumvent 2TB RAID limit on NForce650i SLI?

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:30 am
by hardfalcon
Hi, I got an abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI mainboard with the BIOS version 16 (that's the latest available version, the included NVRAID.ROM is a version 6.73 one).

The abit folks write on their website that the RAID controller was an "NF 430", but I guess that is a mistake as I have read several times while searching the net for my problem that the RAID controller of NForce 4 chipsets/motherboards doesn't work with version 6.xx NVRAID.ROM firmwares.

Now my problem is that I bought 2 1,5TB Seagte HDDs to build a RAID0-Stripe of 3TB, and the RAID controller on my mainboard seems to have a 2TB limit for RAID arrays (except for spanning, but this would be more or less senseless from my point of view as I would obviously lose the doubled speed of my RAID array).
I read on some forum (sorry, don't rember which one) that the controller is only using LBA32 instead of LBA48. If I configure a RAID array bigger than 2TB, the result is a 750GB array (only half of the space of a SINGLE HDD for a RAID array of TWO HDDs),

My main question is: Is there any possibility whatsoever to get the RAID controller to provide a working 3TB RAID0 stripe?

If already tried to replace the NVRAID.ROM with a version 6.87 one from a Gigabyte GA-M61VME-S2 version F5 bios, but then they RAID controller wouldn't work at all anymore. (I was still able to enable RAID functionality for my SATA ports, but it seems the NVRAID firmware simply wasn't loaded by the bios, and not even my primary RAID array of 2 250GB HDDs was working). I replaced the NVRAID.ROM file in the bios image using cbrom 2.1 after bios images created with awdbedit were rejected by both the Windows and the DOS flashing tool.

Unfortunately, using a plain software RAID isn't an option for me as I need to install both Linux and Windows XP 64 bit on my array.

thx a lot in advance :)