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Various: Merge Bios Options and NVRAM-Wakeup

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2002 9:02 pm
by jojo

1. Can one merge Bios-Options of 2 different 440BX-Boards (both Award 4.51PG) ?
Let's say one is a Gigabyte 6BX7+ and the other an EPOX-BX7+100. One Bios (Epox) has the Option to set the AGP-Aperture Size while the other hasn't.

Could one patch this Option in the Gigabyte-Bios ? If yes how ? (Softtools available :)

2. What is an mga400.bin in a Bios for ? Matrox G400 alreday has its own Bios ...

3. There is a program under Linux that sets the Wakeup-Time in the NVRAM:

Like most Bioses theGa-6BX7+ offers Time: Min ans sec and Date: 1-31 of a Month. As far as I understand nvram-wakeup can set this values. But:
Could I access the Month in the NVRAM for booting lets say on the 1st of April at 20:15.45 ?

Can such a setting even be done by a program under Wind**ws ?

Thanks a lot !

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2002 10:04 pm
by Rainbow
1. No. The AGP Aperture Size option is disabled in GA-6BX7+ BIOS and set permanently to 64MB. You can use modbin tool to modify BIOS image (unhide this hidden option) and then flash it.
2. That's for special Matrox G400-based cards sold by GigaByte which had no BIOS
3. There is a program that can do it in Windows, but I don't remember its name. All I remember is that it was russian-made.

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 7:34 pm
by jojo
Thanks Superfast reply.

Ok then I have to use modbin (4.50.80c) I guess.

Aehm ... ; )
Mabye I was a little to overacting to post here in the high-tech-section.

Could you give me a quick clue on how to excactly unhide options with modbin ? Is it just setting the values to "enable" ?
I just can't find any options for agp-aperture ...

Disabling Ram counting (1GB) would be also very nice ...

Thanks a lot for all you help !!! (mga400.bin and nvram included).

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 9:13 pm
by Rainbow
Get the latest BIOS, open it in modbin, go to "Chipset Setup Default", use Page Down to go to "CHIPSET FEATURES SETUP", then scroll down using arrow keys. You will find "AGP Aperture Size (MB)" with DISABLED in Item-status column. Go to the DISABLED text using arrow keys and use + key to set it to NORMAL. Then ENTER and Update file from main menu. Then flash it. Of course at your own risk.

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 10:54 pm
by jojo
WOW At the speed of light, right ? ;) :D


I didn't get the clue the difference of cursor and page keys ...

WOW Seems I have a new toy now.

Don't worry about my risk I own a Dual Bios Board :)

PS. Any clue on the Disabling Memory Count at boot up thing ?


Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 4:27 pm
by jojo
HI again ... ;)

After all I did the mods to the bios with enabling the hidden functions.
All went fine BUT the Bios Menue doesn't display the new functions properly. The new options eem to be available though. But When I move the cursor on the option it disapears (full or half). Mhhh.

The Menuestructure seems not to have enough space to display the new options ...
Any Clue.

What is that speed pin option for? Is ist for Clockfreq or for the Fan-Divisor ? It says "Speed Programable"

PS. With your former help I now even managed to add new Microcode ...

PPS. Memory count?

THANKS so much !!!

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 4:34 pm
by soupy
When using Modbin to enable hidden settings, you have to pay attention to the position indicators so as not to overwrite an existing option.

Not enough room? Time to sacrifice something.