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N30N3 / CY23 Laptop BIOS

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2003 9:31 pm
by jimboylan
I have a P3 1.1GHz laptop.
It is branded as RM (researh machines)N30N3, it is also badged by other companies too.
The BIOS is phoenix.
I was going to do an upgrade to remove the naff RM logo. I started the flash program and I didn't get the chance to save the bios first. The next thing is down to murphy's law, the system hung part way through the flash process.
All that I get now is the Phoenix screen an the system hangs.
No memory check, no hdd detection, nothing... , I cannot even get into the cmos.
The flash is a SST 39VF040 32 pin TSOP.

Heres the question, I have the equipment and the skills to remove and reprogram the chip. Is the all.rom file that is included with the flash download the binary image for the chip?
and is it likely that the upgraded bios will work or should I stick to the original version (which I can download)?