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SAMSUNG Motherboard?

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 8:30 pm
by Clueless1433
Hi guys,

I have a Samsung Ativ Book 2 that I am working on and the current BIOS doesn't allow me to alter the XMP and DOCP settings. Hence, I'd like to update it.

My computer model is called NP275E5E-K01SE

Version: P03RBN.098.130409.KK.
Dated: 04/09/2013

Samsung does not offer any support on BIOS, whatsoever. There are no drivers on the website, I have to download stuff through their app in the Microsoft Store. And even there they do not provide any BIOS update for my laptop. I also called them, and all their Tech Support is capable of doing is suggesting to use the Samsung Updater app from the Microsoft Store. According to the dude I spoke to, I can't find their BIOS and driver updates anywhere else. The Samsung Updater app is pretty shitty and - expectedly - contains an awful lot of Samsung bloatware, rather than helpful drivers. According to CPU-Z, my mainboard is from Samsung. Please see the attached screenshot for some further details.

It says:

Somehow, I am unable to find any reference for this motherboard through Google. Is it really a Samsung motherboard?
Does anybody have an idea where else I should look for a newer BIOS version to flash?

Many thanks!