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Warning to Sony Vaio Users (PCG-FX, PCG-F, PCG-FXA)

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2004 7:52 am
by Joe
This information applies for the following models...


If you attempt to update the BIOS in your system and have installed additional RAM in slot #2 you have a good chance of a bad BIOS flash occurring.

ALL RAM installed in slot #2 (toward front of the system) should be removed prior to flashing the BIOS.

Sony incorporates the Keyboard Controller firmware into the BIOS image available for download. When the failure occurs is during the updating of the KBC image in the last portion of the update process.

Not only can you end up with corrupt BIOS information rendering your notebook dead but also various power component failure, including the KBC chip.

Joe K

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2005 8:17 pm
by straun
OK, now that I have already done, and made my laptop unbootable, is there anything I can do to fix this?? I have a FX220 with additional RAM.

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 4:46 am
by Treppiede
straun wrote:OK, now that I have already done, and made my laptop unbootable, is there anything I can do to fix this?? I have a FX220 with additional RAM.
Ahh man, that sucks! I would get on SONY's back, it's their fault if their machine won't flash properly if there's a memory upgrade.

Good luck,


Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 11:27 am
by phantomgirl
Thx for this info. I'll be sure not to get caught with this BIOS issue. Hey I have a problem with my Sony laptop PCG-F403 (bought in UK) but about the same as F430 (USA) ... Manual says max 256mb RAM (2x 128mb) but since its publication there has been 256mb modules and 512mb modules in those 144pin PC100 SOSIMM SDRAM type that physically fits the slots.. Sooooooo ... does any one know if this laptop will take these higher rams? I really want to put in a total of 512mb (2 x 256mb) because the present 192mb (original 1 x 64mb PLUS 1 x 128mb I added already some time back) is not enough for my XP and programs. And does anyone know what controls how much MAX memory can be fitted? Is it the BIOS? If so, does the new BIOS (that troublesome one), see more than the originally stated 256mb? Or is it something else that cant be changed that controls the MAX Memory? Is there someone out there that knows the answer to my problem? Or who has put the 2 x 256mb in one of the PCG-F series and got it working? :roll: [color=blue][/color][size=18][/size][size=12][/size][color=blue][/color]

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 4:06 pm
by all4confusion
So I know about the bios flash with the pcg-fx viaos, not excatly first hand but I stood by helplessly while A loved one ignored all warnings from me and sony website, So there I am trying to seek out that one solutions to magically fix the bios mishap but being sort of new to all this I can't for sure tell that this intel e82802ab8 chip found on the bottom of the MBX 49 mother board right by the reset button is the bios chip or not? the closest I've come is a web site that had the number 82802ab, this maddness has got me insane I say just let go move on learn from mistakes I have even offered to help pay for a new notebook, but of course He wants to know for sure there is no way for the common person to fix this problem, so please if you have any information that could help me figure out exactly where the bios chip on this mother board is I couldn't thank you enough. :? :?: :idea:


Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 4:18 am
by Joe

It all depends on the Memory controller chip that is built into the MMC2 CPU card for that model. I don't know which chip they used for that CPU speed range. If you can find out, lookup the datasheet for that chip at Intel's sight for more info on the MAX ram configuration.


You're right, the Intel 82802AB chip is the BIOS chip. An "end user" cannot remove - reprogram - remount this chip. If you have access to hot air rework equipment, we can sell you a pre-programmed chip if you like. Also, we can do the whole job if you wish.

Send me an email to:

Joe K

Keyboard controller, now what?

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2005 10:25 pm
by clearsky
At last I found a partial answer to the persistant keyboard error "error 210 stuck key". I replaced the keyboard and got the same result so I assumed I needed a BIOS flash and did that. Although I didn't know about this issue with the keyboard controller and the BIOS I was fortunate enough to have only had 64mb in slot 1. The flash was successful but the stuck key error persists. Its not very portable having the internal keyboard disconnected and using a ps/2 kybd. This has been driving me nuts cause it sometimes will work when I hook up the internal kybd. Thanks for getting me closer to some answers. I've Googled the hell out of this and got little or no useful info till I got here. Somebody please!! tell me where to go from here. Its the only computer I have.
Sony Vaio PCG-F560. Currently I have added 128mb in slot 2. Help

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 6:19 pm
by beatoem
never liked sony laptops,look pretty but over hyped,overpriced pieces of manufactures manipulation junk.drop em once and they wont work again.
now i find out flash em once and they dont work either :?
sony are liable and should cough up.

Vaio F801/A dead after bios update

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 5:33 pm
by qn
problem as described:

Sony Vaio PCG-F801/A dead after bios update / flash. Bios update failed / crashed. (<< this line for google ;)

Received NB (from a friend), bios from 2000 was buggy (tried to boot from flobby sometimes), Sony support suggested to update to bios from 2005. Created phoenix-update boot disk as described, re-boot, pressed 'y', updated bios to 30 or 40% (some beeps in between), screen turned black, waited 5-10min, switched NB off / on ... dead.
Both ram-banks occupied btw.

Sony support doesn't confirm problem. No chance with crises boot disk (I tried; bios too old for that crise-boot block says Sony and they seem to be right this time) or with bios-chip change (read and Sony says it's soldered to the MB).

Conclusion: Sony support BAD, documentation WAY-OFF, technical help expensive and information policy of sony patronizes the user. Wasted 12 hours on that NB in 2 days and it's gone.


Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 9:00 pm
by qn
I found a document named Phlash_SC_E113.doc or Phlash_SC_E113.pdf online from a german company named Kontron Embedded Modules GmbH.

The pdf describes a "Creation of a Crisis Recovery Disk" (execute CRISDISK.BAT) and "If the BIOS is damaged and the system is unbootable, you have to force the system to a Crisis Recovery with an update key."

The update key is connected to the printer or LPT port. It just connects the pins in a special order.

With a normal 25-pin LPT it connects pin:
2 <--> 15
3 <--> 13
4 <--> 11
5 <--> 12
6 <--> 10

I cut a normal printer cable in the middle, searched the wires and connected them (+45 min).

All I can say so far is that now the bios obviously tries to access the flobby.


Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 3:15 am
by qn
allright, fixed it really in the last sec.
First of all I unplugged the second ram ;) ...

Downloaded a file called "crisdisk_118.exe" from somewhere in the hope the included "WINCRIS.EXE" would help --> neg. Before I executed the "CRISDISK.BAT" I overwrote "PLATFORM.BIN" & "BIOS.ROM".
Note: This time I didn't overwrite "PHLASH.EXE" with the newer one from Sony.

Working Version: PhoenixPhlash Utility 4.0 Release 1.81
Sonys Ver: PhoenixPhlash Utility 4.0 Release 1.84 3A15

All efforts using a dos bootdisk (dr or ms) with aflash, autoexec.bat or uniflash (on the same pc of course) did not work.

By the way, somewhere found a file called "TPM_319733-002_rev3_us.pdf" , a service manual form dell and compaq (people who can read and write) which helped in solving the problem, too.

Good luck guy, hope this saves y'all 4 hours ;)
Eh, btw 3.15 am ... greets from Germany.

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 4:27 pm
by Pyrotech
Hi, thanks for posting this, I just did a bad bios flash due to memory dimm located wrong, so I moved it. Making the DB25 printer key now and making the crisdisk. I got it from Intel site on a server motherboard, so I guess this works with all Phoenix bios.

Bless you!

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 4:45 pm
by Pyrotech
Hi, I also found Crisdisk_123.exe on intel site with the wincres.exe file you were looking for. ... llName=All Operating Systems&lang=eng

cut and paste the url, its so long, delete space before All Operating Systems

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 6:10 pm
by edwin
no spaces between All and OperatingSystems

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 1:30 am
by Pyrotech
HI, well solved the bios corruption and bonus of fixing the dim LCD display, its plenty bright now. Seems Sony has default Bios password, anyone know what it is for PCG-FX220 Vaio?