EP-8KTA3, BIOS chip?

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I need to find a matching BIOS chip for an EP-8KTA3.
I have these to choose from:
SST 29EE512 70-4C-NH
Winbond w49f002up12b
Winbond w49v002ap
Fairchild 29f002t-90
eon en29f002nt-70j

Someone know if any of the above can be used in it? thank you.
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Fairchild 29f002t-90
eon en29f002nt-70j
as long as they are DIP and nop plcc those will work as long as the bios file is 256kB.

the SST 29EE512 70-4C-NH is a 512kbit = 64kByte chip and much to small for a normal mainboard bios.
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