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#42434 by Holy
Sat Dec 09, 2006 5:51 pm
Hi all,

I can't get the Drunon 1.8GHz "Applebred" on the ECS K7VTA2 motherboard running . The mobo has everything it needs to support this processor, except one thing: new bios (award). The newest one from the vendor web site is fairly old (2003/03/28 ), so it is no wonder that it can't recognize the "Applebred" series, which was first released on August 21th, 2003.

So it looks like I need to mod the bios myself, but the problem is, that I have never done it before.

It seems, that I should take the BIOS update file for similar motherboard, extract its CPU microcode, and flash it into this motherboard. Will this work? I found some tools, that might help, but I am quite worried about the motherboard, can you help me, please?

Can you help me please? Any advice or link would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.