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#53374 by king
Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:43 pm

I try to update the BIOS but not the name of my motherboard

Motherboard Properties:
Identification of the motherboard 63-0100-000001-00101111-032607-Chipset $ 0AAAA000_BIOS DATE: 03/26/07 12:03:20 VER: 08.00.10

Motherboard Name: Unknown Motherboard

Bus Properties:
Bus Type Intel AGTL +
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 333 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 1333 MHz
Bandwidth 10,665 MB / s

Memory Bus Properties:
Quad Bus Type DDR2 SDRAM
Bus Width 256 bit
Value DRAM: FSB 1:1
Real Clock 333 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 667 MHz
Bandwidth 21,330 MB / s

BIOS Date: March 26th 2007
BIOS ID: 63-0100-000001-00101111-032607-Chipset-0AAAA000
BIOS OEM: BIOS Date: 03/26/07 12:03:20 Ver: 08.00.10 - S5000.86B.07.00.0079.060520071732
Chipset: Intel 25C0 rev 49
SuperIO: Unknown
Manufacturer: Intel
Motherboard: S5000XVN

Thanks for the help