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Listen, I'm new to all this BIOS settings stuff so forgive me for my ignorance.
My problem is that I recently purchased a brand new Maxtor hard drive which is 40 GB in size. I was able to install it as slave to the existing hard drive (a Wetern Digital 10 GB) but now I want to swop them around and have the 40 GB as master and the 10 GB as slave (I want to use the 10 GB as a backup device really).
The problem is that I can't install the 40 GB one as master!
I've tried everything, changing the jumpers, fiddling with the BIOS, praying....
It goes as far as "Detecting Primary Master..." and then freezes.
It's also only showing 32 GB instead of 40.
This leads me to beleive that it's the BIOS which is preventing me from setting my shiny new drive as master!
Someone told me that some BIOS types will not recognize drives bigger than 32 GB so that's why I think I need a BIOS upgrade.
The number at the bottom of the screen when it's booting up is i440Ex P6EXP-Me.
I looked through the various lists of manufactures, chipsets etc. but I couldn't find mine anywhere. I think it's an Intel chipset but maybe someone can tell me for certain .
Maybe I should be on a different forum but I would really appreciate any help I'm given. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
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I think this one has the 32GB bug, there are a number of people that can help you in fixing that bug. See the HDD compatibility forum.
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