Can anyone identify this mobo

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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I thought I would identify this easily once I had found all the mobo websites, but the bios ID isnt recognised anywhere - here it is -


It is a Daewoo PC, AMD K6-2 450, with SiS530 chipset and onboard modem and sound.

I suspect it may be a PCCHIPS board - great! Please help as this is my mother-in-laws first PC, and she wants to use the modem and sound, which are both onboard, and we have no drivers for them, which would have been on the CD that came with the PC. We had to format the hard disk and loos everything, to go back to W98 from a disastrous upgrade to ME done by the original owner of the machine.
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I suppose you'll find help only at

They have a very limited list of updates here: ... d=76&cal=5

But none is yours, so just click on the "Contact Us" button and good luck.
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It's Daewoo CB583M-SI. You have the latest BIOS installed. To determine the onboard peripherals, look at the chips that are on the board and then download drivers from their manufacturers.
You can also find some sound drivers at ... C+/+»çzîµl and modem drivers at ... +PC+/+¸dµ©
but you need to determine first what you have onboard.

Looks like this forum can't accept the Korean characters in URLs, this should work ... r/list.asp. In the table on the bottom of page, the second and third cell in first column are the sound and modem drivers.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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