Dell Dimension 4400

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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hi-i have a dell dimension 4400- i reformatted my hard drive not too long ago and installed dual operating systems-win98se and winxp. everything is working great except i have no sound in win98se and need to reinstall the driver for the onboard sound card (ADI1885) that is on the motherboard. i am trying to identify the motherboard, but because of the dual operating systems, i don't get the normal bios message at startup. i used bios wizard to get this information:
my BIOS manufacturer is: American Megatrends licensed to Intel
my BIOS ID is: 51-2300-000000-00101111-030199-
my chipset is: Intel 1A30 rev 4
can anyone figure out the maker of my motherboard from this?
i also tried ami's motherboard detector program, but it said it was a dell and couldn't start the program. any help is greatly appreciated. thank you, dan biniewski
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someone posted this on cnet hardware message board about the dell dimension 4400:

The only compalint is how dell hand cuffed the bios on the oem Intel D845PT board in the system vs how intel's D845PT board. Can not run Intel's Active monitor as the Dell Bios hides all of this info. Hope this helps somewhat.
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D845PT (Pendleton) product page:



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