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How-to identify your motherboard ?
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following the steps in order to identify my mainboard manufacturer,
I found that the sixth and seventh bios number ("D4") mean
"DFI (diamond flower) (crusader?)".
however, the mainboard box indicates "matsonic"...
but "DFI" is not mensioned.

before I heard about bios number, I tryed to flash bios with a program
coming from matsonic for my mainboard (MS8127C socket A VIA apollo
KT 133), but when I enter the new bios file name, the program says it
"does not match with [my] current bios number".

(I don't want to kill my mainboard so I'll stop trying for now )

thanks for helping me
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Please post your full BIOS ID string here, and whatever inscription you may find on the motherboard that might help identify it.
Your board may have been sold to you in a wrong box. It wouldn't be the first time this happens...
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Probably because the new BIOS has a different string.
BIOS Version : Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Information : 07/19/2001-8363-686-K7VZAC-00
BIOS Message : MS8127C 07/19/2001
There is no place for D4 like in your current BIOS string. It wouldn't surprise me if Matsonic used a DFI string in the past BIOS...

Double check your board for markings. Make sure its a Matsonic board.
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RyK wrote:first of all, thanks for answearing so quickly!!

BIOS version : Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
my BIOS number : 09/22/2000-8363-686B-6A6LMD4EC-00

if it can help, I can see on the mainboard that it is a VIA chipset like said
in bios number (and on the mainboard manual).
it's supposed to be a VIA VT8363 (KT-133)chipset
talking of that, the mainboard picture figuring on the manual appears to be the same I have in my computer so I don’t think it was sold in a wrong box

on the mainboard, there's a label that indicates :
"AK74-EC" (the same appears on the "COM1/2 / 'printer COM'" -I'll call it like that..)

printed directly on the mainboard : "REV.A2"

otherwise, I checked the logos on the mainboard box again I think it's better if I write them all :
"Matsonic series"
"burn-in 24HR"
"FC USA federal communication commission"
"PCI local BUS"
"C€" (I said I'll write them all)
"TUV rheinland / EMV EMC" (something like that)
"ENERGY (EPA pollution preventer)"
"TÜV CERT iso 9002"
"cure away virus on guard" (I think)


hope something will be helpfull!
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A DFI AK74-EC sold in a wrong box or this DFI-Board is just another K7VZA clone

Use the DFI-Bios from www.dfi.com.tw
Latest Bios mght be in the Beta-sector there
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