How-to identify your motherboard ?
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Hi everyone i got a pentium 2 , agp, 5 pci slots, 1 isa 16bit slot, ram is dimm, my question is it wont boot and i cant find manufactur of the motherboard all i can find is chips that say Via on them and a #GMB-6292 VO CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT please, thank you
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Looks like Gemlight GMB-6292 v0.
Found something at ... tibios.htm. However the BIOS images are not archived.

There might be equivalent board from DTK - we need more information - does the board have Slot 1 or Socket 370 for the CPU? How many DIMM slots does it have? Chipset type (at least south bridge - something like VT82C586B?) Any onboard peripherals (sound...)?
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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Researching a bit:

1) ... x/bios.htm

This link mentiones BIOS versions V1.21 (6292V121.ZIP, 31/7/2000) and V1.12 (92V112.ZIP, 24/1/2000, without "watchdog"). The links don't work because they point to an FTP server, which cannot make copies of.

2) A Google search for 6292V121 revealed nothing.

3) A search for 92V112 revealed some download sites:
- ... ystar-.htm

Now, these 4 sites tell us that:
1) The board is identical to the DTK PRM-92V (E0) board.
2) Seems like a Luckystar clone of some sort (see how many times the BIOS file is included among Luckystar mobos, and the coincidence of the name of the file).

The DTK site ( does include recent and nice BIOS updates, a manual, etc.:

BTW, the site includes V1.22, newer than V1.21 mentioned above these lines.

(2A6LGD1F) DTKPRM92V.P02.01.22-V1.22

Oh, one more thing: "BIOS already supports HDDs over 32GB & 64GB" :)
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