Help. a eMachines T1840

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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ok, I buy some ram to upgrade the computer from 128 and add 512.

But when I put it in, the computer (as it loads windows) shuts off and restarts over and over again. I remove the new ram but the problem persists.

So, can anyone tell me what is the motherboard to an eMachines T1840
(so I can update my bios)

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I find that occurrs if a component such as a video card or RAM is not making proper contact or is faulty. Have you tried reseating the new memory several times which will act to clean the connectors on both the RAM modules and the slots?

Also a Merry Xmas to all on this board.
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OEM Trigem Imperial:-
Memory Type: Unbuffered DDR Synchronous DRAM (DDR SDRAM)
Memory Speed: PC2100/PC1600
Memory Sockets: Two 184-pin 2.5 V DIMM sockets
Maximum Memory: 2 GB
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