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How-to identify your motherboard ?
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My BIOS string is:

1st 5 digits (6A69M) indicate: 'Intel i810(E) chipset with Award BIOS' v6.00. However, I cannot find any info for the manufacturer, i.e. 6th & 7th digits (TR). TR is not listed in the Award Hardware Vendors list on this site.

How can I identify the manufacturer?

Actually I am looking for Win XP drivers for my motherboard. I already know the built-in display/sound card models. Would this info be enough to locate the correct drivers for display and sound? Or do I need to know the motherboard model as well ? Can anyone refer to me some good drivers sites plz ?

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I think the manufacturer is Topstar.

XP should fully support the i810 chipset already, though.
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TopStar certainly use TR, e.g.
TM-810E2/EL2 REV2.0 (2003.11.01)

and even
TM-810TL RPX/TC VER:1.1 (2003.09.19)

That message TM-810TL RPX/TC etc should appear at the top left of the memory count screen under the Award logo.
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