07/22/96-i430vx-ai5tv c00 - need help to identify mb and....

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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Hi there

I need some help :) I am trying to identify what motherboard I have in my old pentium 166 as I would like to upgrade the BIOS without it blowing up and put some spare large hard drives in there....

When I boot it up this is what I get....
Modular BIOS v4.51 PG
07/22/96-i430vx-ai5tv c00

I have searched for about 2 hours and couldn't find anything - I used motherboard identifier software and looked at lists and lists of numbers but couldn't find that one anywhere.

All I can tell you is that the Motherboard these things on it:-
p166 chip on it
a red 8 little switch thing
2 big intel chips - chip1 Intel PCI Set SB82371SB, L6242956, SU093, Intel 95
chip2 Intel PCI Set SB82437VX, L6233824, SU085, Intel 95
It has 4 EDO Ram Banks
A Winbond chip W83877F
A Dallas Chip
An Amikey Chip

None of this means anything to me - I hope one of you can help me! :)

Thanks in advance

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Haven't tried too hard, eh? :wink:

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=& ... ai5tv+bios

Your BIOS ID string helped 100%.
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Right - I've looked at that link and tried the upgraded BIOS's that I found - and they all failed :/

I went to http://www.mycomp.com.tw/bios.htm and tried the http://www.mycomp.com.tw/bios/ai5tv9.zip BIOS - but it didn't work saying that my BIOS wasn't the same.

My motherboard looks incredibly similar to this one - http://www.tech.mynix.com/lib/mycomp/ai5tv/AI5TVds.htm - in fact I think it is that one, a "Pentium 430VX Motherboard with Baby AT Form Factor" apparently.

I tried the BIOS link from there - and it was the same as the other one - http://www.mycomp-tmc.com/bios/AI5TV9.EXE, and did not work.

Am I doing something blatently wrong? I run the Award Updater, I input the name of the file, ai5tv9.bin, then it attempts to update - then says wrong version.

The only other bits of information I can give are that that string looks exactly like this 07/22/96-I430VX-_AI5TV__C-00 and that at the top of the screen I get a Pentium-AI5TV-75/90/100/120/133/150/166/200-V3-DMI.

Is this BIOS upgradable?

Computers can be so frustrating sometimes :) 8O

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Just a shot in the dark here but on the very bottom page jumper jp 4 says there are two settings for flash one for 12v programming and one for 5v programming, depending on the chipset.....check the chipset and see where the jumper is set....it might be set on the wrong voltage and when you attempt to flash it says wrong version?? hope that helps 8O
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I think those bioses have a regular 2A59 ID string where his has obviously not.

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