Intel Board, need more info

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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This is an Intel board, here are the ID #s

GTS285288838 AA 720932-208

Any information about this board will be much appreciated. It came with a Celeron 400mhz processor on a P II daughter board. Thank You, Bill
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I think you have an OEM version of this board going by the first number: ... /se440bx2/

The reason I think it's an OEM board is that the AA revision number is not mentioned in the table at Intel. BIOS string looks like this:


Phoenix OEM codes (Intel = 86):
04 = Sony
05 = Micron
10 = Dell
11 = NEC
15 = Gateway 2000
17 = IBM
21 = HP
25 = Vobis
28 = Toshiba

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