I'm looking for a Motherboard Manual

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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I searched...
win bios
Award bios
the web

Bios String...

Could some one help me locating this motherboard manual, please?
It is from a gateway computer, and the PC hangs at the win98 splash screen, so I can't run the tools to check the system out.

Just need to find the motherboard manual for now to see when I take it apart, if there is anything else I can add to it.

Thanks, ...........daljaxon
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Gogle search on W81020A turns up:
1. Our Edwin's site which identifies it as Intel "Willow Springs 2" WL810E and links to Intels' OEM motherboard data


2. http://support.gateway.com/support/driv ... type=10079 for an up-todate (P06) BIOS

You can enter your system serial no. at Http://support.gateway.com for support for your system.
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