Upgrade for Award 4.51pg P6BAP-APC-00

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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I need to find a bios upgrade for Pentium III 800 MHZ.
Award 4.51pg P6BAP-AP Ver 1.3 6/22/2000

Award Bios Extention 1.0A Copyright 1999

Bios string: 06/22/2000 693-596-W977E-P6BAP-APC-00

System was running Win2K, was powered off without shutdown.
Now on Power up errors says its not ACPI Compliant.

Upgrade bios if available or turn off ACPI mode.
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Check www.ecs.com.tw
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Is the P6BAP-A+ the same as a P6BAP-APC-00. I`m trying to fine a Bios for the P6Bap-APC-00. This is the chipset: Elitegroup Computer Sys VT82C693A Apollo Pro 133 and this is the Bios string: 06/22/2000-693-596-W977E-P6BAP-APC-00. Hope someone can help me with this. I have been looking for weeks with out much luck. Thanks
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compare your Bios-ID with the Id in the first post an you'll find it's the same. It looks very much you have the same motherboard.
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AP stands for A Plus since they do not use + signs in bios strings.

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