What will I do with Aristo MB??

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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i have an aristo am 206 motherboard and my problem is this:i want to upgrade my athlon cpu at 900 mhz with athlon xp 1500 + and i really don't know if my motherboard can sustain it.in the motherboard manual there is absolutely no specification of its capability regarding the cpu;only that it has full support for amd athlon and duron cpu's.do i need a bios update if i upgrade the cpu?thank you.
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Please read the posting guidelines for this forum and then modify your post with the information needed !!
General Information : Usually boards starting with VIA KT-133A(not all boards) chipset support AthlonXP but a new Bios is needed .
You need a working FSB of 133MHz for AthlonXP .
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