Request help finding jumper settings or a motherboard manual.
#34550 by instant
Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:47 pm
I want to find the manual of the motherboard from this laptops, so I could find out if there is a combination of keys that I can press to boot the laptop directly from the cdrom. I read that some boards have a combination of keys that my enable the boot from cd drive even if no bios is present... (mine's quite.... damaged :D from a defaulty flash and I've got no floppy drive to do the boot recovery)
So any help would be appreciated :D

The chipset is via kt400a, and has a AMD 2500 cpu socket 462 LP

and I found some pictures of a similar laptop, maybe it could help

Mine is a targa visionary xp210, but the inside is completly similar to the hummer 755CAO... and it has the same especifications