mobo MB-8500TVX-A VER. 1.1

Request help finding jumper settings or a motherboard manual.
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What could the problem be when i conect the power cords to mobo and fan's from power supply or CPU want come on? But when i take the two power cords coing on the mobo of the fan will power up. Also is there a schematic for this mobo, so i can see all the jumper settings, because i have some on there that are red colored. I have looked at the one post for my previous question about this mobo, and found that there are more jumpers that arent listed like the red ones on my mobo. Have a cyrix 686-P150+GP 120Mhz CPU on mobo, and 2 pieces of memory( dont know what kind it is) looks like double sided memory (8 pieces on each side of one piece of memory a total of 16 pieces on one memory module and it says in the midle U6. I think all these jumpers got sett wrong and i would like to be able to sett all of them for this combonation. also dont know what to sett the clock and core speed. Please help if anyone has this version of mobo and CPU. Manny Thanks :(
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Reffer to your previous post:

Many things could cause a motherboard not to power up and boot.
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You are trying to use a 120MHz Cyrix CPU so you should use the settings for 60 MHz, 2x.

If I read your bad spelling correctly:
1. If you attach the PSU to the motherboard and fan, the fan does not rotate when the PSU is switched on.
2. If you remove the PSU connection from the motherboard and switch on, the fan goes round.

From this I assume the fan connects to a disc drive power connector.

It sounds as though you have a short circuit or high current load somewhere on the motherboard which is stopping the PSU from working when it is connected to the motherboard. Reasons for this could be:

a. Power cables plugged in wrong (black wires on the two plugs should be together). This sometimes but not always kills the mobo- it can kill a cheaper PSU.
b. Motherboard screwed to the case without using insulating spacers, so the metal case is shorting out the power.
c. CPU inserted the wrong way round - this sometimes but not always kills the CPU. I have done this.
d. RAM inserted the wrong way round - difficult to do. This usually kills the RAM.
e. Stupid jumper/switch setting e.g. Power on LED +ve connected to ground via jumper/turbo switch. I have done this.
f. The PSU canot cope with the mobo current requirement.
f. There is a mobo fault which is why it was in the fleamarket.

1. Remove the CPU and RAM, any cards and cables. Remove the PSU, fan and mobo from the case and connect them up on the bench. Check for stupid jumper settings. Does the fan run when the PSU is switched on ? If not try another PSU, or your board is dead.
2. If it does, check the jumper settings for correct operation of the CPU and install the CPU. Does the fan run when the PSU is switched on ? If not, your CPU is dead or your PSU cannot cope with the extra load.
3. etc, add one thing at a time. see how this progressively establishes which elements are OK.

Good luck
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Go to, the site is Biostar's European site has manuals for the old motherboards,
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