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Request help finding jumper settings or a motherboard manual.
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:?: hello everybody, i need some help :
i buy an it mainboard ES8M , i find the right image on pcchips site , but nothing else , if you have any manual for jumper or driver. or....
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TX-PRO II should be SIS5597/97 chipset

Maybe a CMedia Audio but I don't know which one
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ECS E-LETTER 21st March, 2001

Welcome to this week's e-letter, designed to keep you up to date with company news, product information and market conditions. ECS Elitegroup (ECS) is a manufacturer of mainboards, PDAs, IA products and barebone system units.

ES8m: Mini MicroATX mainboard for IA products

Our new mini-microATX motherboard for IA products, the ES8mm, is currently under development. This compactly designed board features the RiSE MP6 microprocessor with FSB speeds between 266 and 366MHz. The SiS5598 chipset comes with ITE super I/O chip, LAN chip and CM18738 audio/modem chip. One DIMM socket for 3.3v SDRAM has a memory capacity of 512MB. The ES8m also comes with a PCI slot. I/O interface features include four audio ports (line-in, line-out, microphone-in and CD-in), two USB ports, a LAN connector and MPEG-1 playback support. Board dimensions are 170mm x 190mm. The ES8m is the perfect high performance, low cost mainboard for IA products
As there seems to be a shortage of info on this board, may I suggest you back up the BIOS ?
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It's the board used in their BookPC...

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2K0511S.BIN : 05/12/2000-SiS-5598-BK5598C-00
256K BIOS Release V1.03 2000/05/11S

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