Category: bios updates

  • Updating your Intel SSD firmware for better performance

    We’ve just posted our first Wim’s BIOS video on YouTube! In the video we show step-by-step how to update the firmware of your Intel SSD (Solid State Drive)The newest release adds some performance improvements in the NCQ area, so it’s a good idea to update to squeeze the best performance out of your drive! The…

  • now on VPS and CDN hosting is now hosted on its own cloud infrastructure (VPS). Together with CDN technology for the static parts of the site, the performance has been improved greatly! Let us know how fast the site loads at your end!

  • AMD 790FX chipset id

    After the Intel X38 chipset we’ve now added the first motherboard identification strings for the AMD 790FX chipset. (which supports AMD Phenom AM2 processors) The chipset can be identified by the 6A66A Award chipset code as shown below: 11/29/2007-RD790-SB600-6A66AG01C-00 This code is used for the Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 (PCB: 1.0) motherboard. Check our AMD 790FX chipset…

  • Intel X38 chipset BIOS IDs

    We’ve added the first BIOS IDs for the newest Intel X38 chipset on our Award BIOS ID’s page The chipset can be identified by the 6A79O Award chipset code as shown below: 10/30/2007-X38-ICH9-6A79OG0QC-00 This code is used for the Gigabyte X38-DQ6 motherboard. Check our Intel X38 chipset page for more BIOS IDs.

  • Asrock bios upgrades added

    We’ve added a new page about Asrock BIOS upgrades on Wim’s BIOS. You can find a list of AMI motherboard identification strings to identify your Asrock motherboard as well as links to the official site. Check out our Asrock BIOS upgrades page! PS: More motherboard identification strings will be added in the near future!

  • Compaq/HP A8AE-LE BIOS v3.14

    People using the Compaq/HP A8AE-LE motherboard may have noticed very slow performance with BIOS v3.13 (the latest version available on the HP site) due to the system taking 60% to 100% of CPU cycles even at idle time. BIOS v3.14 fixes this problem, but is unfortunately not yet available. Edwin, one of the moderators at…