AMD 790FX chipset id

After the Intel X38 chipset we’ve now added the first motherboard identification strings for the AMD 790FX chipset. (which supports AMD Phenom AM2 processors)

The chipset can be identified by the 6A66A Award chipset code as shown below:

This code is used for the Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 (PCB: 1.0) motherboard.

Check our AMD 790FX chipset page for more BIOS IDs.

One response to “AMD 790FX chipset id”

  1. Am greatful to no this company, to me bios it very important in system motherboad because of another users with out inform the owner of the system that she/he want to make use of the system, most of the user are did mistake, when they created on boad password, after apply the password name or numbers, when they want to login the password, they we dout or forget the name or numbers they used for the password or numbers or some letter/number we miss, when such of this happen, it to damage the motherboad.
    I’am laptop hardware engineer, i face many challenges from my customers, by helping them to desable password on boad and much error that funny most to me, finger print. I wish to no more about motherboad not bios only, thanks, hear soon back.

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