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  • Vote Top5 of new features on Wim’s BIOS site!

    Wim’s BIOS Page is now online for more then 11 years, but it is still alive and kicking in 2007 🙂 While we’re now mainly focussing on adding AMI and Award BIOS Identification strings we have a lot of future ideas for the site. Please let us know what you think is still missing on […]

  • List of AMD 690G/V chipset motherboards

    We’ve added the first BIOS IDs for the newest AMD 690G chipset on our Award BIOS ID’s page The chipset can be identified by the 6A669 Award chipset code as shown below: 03/06/2007-RS690-SB600-6A669J19C-00 This code is used for the Jetway M2A692-GHG / M2A692-GDG / M2A692-VP motherboard. We’ll be updating our AMD 690G/V page with new […]