Vote Top5 of new features on Wim’s BIOS site!

Wim’s BIOS Page is now online for more then 11 years, but it is still alive and kicking in 2007 🙂 While we’re now mainly focussing on adding AMI and Award BIOS Identification strings we have a lot of future ideas for the site.

Please let us know what you think is still missing on the site (eg. an example could be downloadable motherboard manuals). You can use the comments system on this blog to react!

Thanks! Wim

One response to “Vote Top5 of new features on Wim’s BIOS site!”

  1. Hi Wim,
    I’ve written a book about BIOS that might be useful to others who tinker with BIOS:

    The title is BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered. Maybe could be valueable for a lot of people ;-).
    It’s actually a compilation of my articles about BIOS, freely accesssible at:

    and a lot of other issue regarding the BIOS, particularly the one related to security.

    Anyway, I don’t say this to advertise the book. Just to share information ;-).

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