MB-8433/40 UUC 4-19-95 bios update

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I need help with bios update.
The motherboard is MB-8433/40 UUC 4-19-95.
Bios version 4.50G.
String line: 04/07/95-UMC-881/886A-2A4x5B03-00.
Computer is 486 with 80 MHz processor and 3Gb of HDD, but bios does not correctly identifies the Hard disk and does not recognizes year 2000. Is it possible to update bios and where such update could be found :?:

Thank you

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What problem are you trying to solve...the HD or the date or...???

Is the hard drive set up correctly in the BIOS?
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Biostar MB-8433/40-UUC (there is a later BIOS listed but not late enough to make any difference.
No manufacturer's support - Biostar only list Pentium class boards even in their archive.

Also sold by Quantex as MBD-4UB2 according to The Quantex Zone, http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/chris.day/, could be worth an email.
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