#44805 by Feel100
Sun May 13, 2007 4:03 am

A friend of mine pass me an Acer Aspire that is double locked. I.e. When I turn on It it will ask me a supervisor password. I have tried to put in a bootable windows cd but it doesn't even reach to that stage. So I strip the laptop apart and found the CMOS battery. I removed it for about 6 hrs and put it back. This time I am able to get into windows.

Now I try to reboot it and get into CMOS, It still ask me for a password. I suspect it may be stored in a EPROM chip? I found other post that uses Winphlush (Phoenix), by going to advance setting and remove the cmos checksum. BUt I am getting an error that I cannot locate the bios location. Can someone guide me on where the bios location is in memory or How can I reset the supervisor password in cmos.