Award v4.51pg with BX98-3D

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Hi, could someone send me both flash program and BIOS file links? I searched for them in,, etc and I couldn't find them. Using BIOS agent I found out:

Program: Unicore BIOS Wizard Version 1.9
Program: Unicore Chip Detect v0.72 2000.03.10
BIOS Date: 10/27/98
BIOS Type: Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
BIOS ID: 10/27/1998-691-586B-8661-2A6LFZ1AC-00
BIOS Eval: BX98-3D Ver 1.03 (981029)
Chipset: VIA 82C691 rev 1
Superio: ITE 8661/SiS 6801 rev 2 found at port 279h

I want to update my BIOS to support a 80 Gb H.D. I use Win98. Thanks!
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BX98-3D Ver 1.08 (990729) ...
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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Rainbow wrote:07/29/1999-691-586B-8661-2A6LFZ1AC-00
BX98-3D Ver 1.08 (990729) ...

this link is not working ..

please give the bios link again ..

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