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#29748 by Manzotin - ita
Thu Feb 17, 2005 5:46 pm
Hello! I'm a newbie trying desperatly to uptate a bios, 'because my motherboard doesn't seems to recognise HD>30 gigs. My old HD is slowly falling in love with bad sectors, and i would like to put the new 40gigs HD in before all my files leaves me.

I got a LukyStar motherboard, and searching around the net its serial, i've found the .bin that seems perfect for me.

But, obviously, i got a problem:

I created a dos boot disk with the utility on this site and then i put inside it the flasher, AWD ver 8+, and the .bin file.
When i start the flasher and i make it load the .bin, averything seems allright.
But, when it asks to me "Save ol bios?" and i say yes and specify the name, the flasher freezes and i must reset my pc, 'cause the keyboard doesn't respond too. Floppy and HD lights on the case are activated, but nothing really happens, i mean, ther's no "cric crac" writing sound.

It says "please wait" with a flashing effect, but i'm sure that it's blocked... i let it work for 30 mins.


PS i'm italian, English lenguage here is like a shuttle for a stoneage man.