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#59656 by taiks03
Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:42 pm
hi all,

i need to dump a bios from an IEI motherboard, i downloaded a software from their site when i tried to dump it said something like protected. Its ami bios, i am sure the flash software works cause i have another identical main-board and the software works fine. To make the long story short i am trying to copy the bios of one main-board to the other, i think its a modified bios. This came from an arcade machine, the other machine just stopped working and suspected that the culprit was the main-board. So i bought a main-board online thinking it was the same when i plugged it in the software boots up but there is no sound and lan doesn't work plus other calibrations are off. A physical inspection showed the 2 main-boards are identical except for the bios.

the new mainboard showed an MX flash chip and was able to flash and dump.

was wondering if there was another way to dump the protected bios ?

thank you