BIOS flash error message 'file size does not match'

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attempting to update FIC VB601 mb with MI415.bin or MI413.bin and their respective flash utilities (flash73.exe or flash703.exe respectively). However, when utility tries to write the file to the board I get ' File size does not match' and the utility kicks out to the DOS prompt. I checked the file attributes and turned off the archive bit; I did notice that the bin file shows 262kb in Winzip but after unzipping it shows 256kb. Any one have suggestions?
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Your board has probably 128KB Flash ROM - check what's printed on the chip (remove Award sticker if it's there). If the number ends in 010 then it's 128KB, if 020 then it's 256KB.
What's your BIOS ID? FIC has 115MC135 128KB BIOS "01/19/2001-i440BX-2A69KF09C-00" here ...
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