#7807 by davemc
Tue Sep 10, 2002 9:30 pm
Hi guys.....I need someone's expertise on this one!!!.....I got hold of a Digital Venturis FP575...the prob was that it would only see a 640mb hard-drive soooooo I decided to upgrade the bios!!......After hours of searching I managed to locate a page on the compaq site pertaining to this system ( www.compaq.com/legacysupport/digital/epid43.html )..there's a 575e and a 5xxx and I decided to go for the 575 .....I flashed the bios and everything seemed to go fine but when I rebooted nothing happened...I then attempted a recovery by going back onto the site and downloaded a crisis recovery disk (CRD) (another comp.)and followed the instructions to the letter...everything seemed to be going well and when I rebooted the hard-drive seemed to be doing a lot more work but the screen is still dead!!!!.........Is there anything I can do here guys!!????....please tell me there is!!.....thanks in advance....Dave.