#3854 by quicksilv
Sat Jun 15, 2002 11:11 am
i have a Transcend AKT4/B motherboard (Via KT133B) but when i want to use Uniflash on my AM29F040B flashroms i can't write to the flashroms!

Uniflash says :

Flash ROM Chip : Unknown
Organisation : N/A (Is write protect disabled?)

Both the Via Kt133 and AM29F040B should be supported but i can not write to the bios. I've also tried Awdflash and Transcends own flash util but they wouldn't let me flash unauthorized bioses either. And i need to hotflash a flashrom with a bios for another (friends) motherboard.

Looking in the motherboard manual and transcend site i cannot find anything about a write protection dipswitch or bios setting.


Can Anybody Help please?!