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#16018 by VooD
Sun Apr 27, 2003 1:41 am
This motherboard has a i810e chipset and uses an Ami bios stored on a 82802AB chip. I´have added some microcodes to the bios I extracted using the Ami flasher but can´t flash back. The progress bar just don´t move. Also I can´t use the official intel flasher as it uses a different bios format (the bios is splited in several files and each file uses a header in addition to the bios data). I also tested award flasher and they don´t recognice the chipset, and Uniflash doesn´t work at all. My last chance is the gigabyte bios writer, but it seems it detects the board isn´t gigabyte and doesn´t allow to flash (even the chipset and eeprom are supported).

Please help

update: i just noticed uniflash 1.30 was released, I´ll try it tomorrow