#16568 by mofa84
Sat May 17, 2003 4:57 pm
I have BIOS-Version 1.1 and I can't flash either 1.2 from the MSI-HP nor the inoffical/hacked one (Ver. 1.31) I got from a guy who also has this board. I would like to have 1.31 because it seems to have the non-Lite Version BIOS of the onboard-Promise RAID-controller.

When I try to flash using the flasher (AWFL816A.EXE) shipped with version 1.2 I always get the message "unknown flashtype".

So what's wrong? Is it maybe because I have the -LR (LAN & RAID) and not the standard version of the Board?

EDIT: The MSI-Boardnumber is 9105.