M/B can't sense IDE Drive : ZP-6L1 PII : i440LX-2A69JGECC

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I have a ZAPPA ZP-6L1 PII 440LX M/B.
Bios ID = 06/01/1998 : i440LX-2A69JGECC-00
BIOS: Award Ver 4.51PG

It's stopped recognizing ANY harddisks (The HD's are being recognized in other M/B's). It recognizes the FDD. The Intel chip set IC's on the M/B get slightly warm, but I'm not sure if that's normal. Before I thrash the M/B, I thought of flashing the BIOS to check if that'll remove the problem. Using awdflash.exe and the bin file I got from the Zappa website, I tried flashing the BIOS. But the Award Flasher says that the "Program File's part No. does not match with your system". It shows the Flash PROM as Winbond W29EE011 /5V, whereas the PROM on the M/B is Winbond W29C011A.

Can you guide me? The Zappa website did not have the bin file for ZP-6L1, so I have downloaded the ZP-6LBP. I can't find a bin file for ZP-6L1 anywhere; I've spent several hours at wimsbios.com, motherboards.org, sysopt.com, without any luck.

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Do not flash the ZP-6LBP BIOS - it's board with i440BX chipset and your board has i440LX - it will 100% not work.
Winbond W29EE011 and W29C011 chips are compatible and looks the same for the flashing utility.
If the onboard IDE controller is bad you can plug in PCI IDE controller with its own BIOS - this will let you use HDDs upto 128GB or even more and it will also support faster transfer rates such as UDMA/100 or UDMA/133.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at http://wims.rainbow-software.org
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