Cannot Find BIOS Flash I Need On Acer Website

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I've got a ton of info on the motherboard and
BIOS for my Acer Extensa 501T notebook:

Processor: Pentium
Clock rate: 266.6 MHz
Instr. sets: MMX
Chipset: ALi Aladdin 4 PCI Chipset
Memory: 128MB SDRAM
32-Bit-PCI-BIOS: Revision:0
ACER-BIOS: 17.12.98
Board ID: ACR79000-M12
BIOS Date/Version: 981217-R01-A5n-EN

Here's the info from the Registry (WIN98SE):

"DeviceDesc"="System board"
"MachineType"="IBM PC/AT"
"BIOSVersion"="ACR79P54C 415V3.0"
"Mfg"="(Standard system devices)"

Finally, here is some more info generated by
the BIOS Wizard utility:

BIOS Manufacturer: Acer
BIOS ID: ACR79000-M12-981217-R01-A5n-EN
BIOS Date: 01/01/97
BIOS ROM Size: 256K
Chipset: ALi M1531 rev 179
Super I/O Chip: NSC 338 rev 2 found at port 2Eh

I've got a small mountain of apps (Dr. Hardware, etc.)
that tells you everything you might possibly want to
know about your computer.

So, my question is, where do I download a flash upgrade
for this Acer notebook? As far as I tell, there is
nothing listed in the support/download section of the
Acer website.

Thanks for any assistance about this very complex

(By the way, I've flashed upgraded a couple dozen
Desktop's. Never had any problems, thank heavens!!)

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BIOS V3.0 R01-A5N at the bottom of page. Looks like you have the latest version.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
UniFlash - Flash anything anywhere
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