#15488 by pittos34
Wed Apr 09, 2003 2:46 pm

I need to obtain the correct award flasher (awdflash?.bin) and data file (BIOS?.bin) to flash my PC's BIOS.

This PC is build by ELONEX and based on a MS-5156 MotherBoard(Intel 430 Chipset), with AMDK6-2/300 and running Win98 (a power failure occured while I was configuring Setup. Now my PC only wants to boot on floppy searching for the awdflash*.bin into the autoexec.bat ... I hope!)

The only BIOS infos I obtained (what is writen on the BIOS Chip under the sticker): Winbonb W29EE011-15 7380J2729213034G
My MotherBoard : MS-5156 (Intel 430TX Chipset)

Who can help me, telling me where I can obtain theses infos?

Thank you for all and have a nice day!