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Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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I have an old pentium ii 266mhz from dell and am annoyed that dell has not released a bios update since 1998 (they only released one). It uses the Intel pd440fx chipset with an AMI bios core. the highest bios version provided by dell is a03 also known as 1.00.04.DTOJ (for the xps H series). I'm wondering if it would be ok for me to flash my bios with intel's update which is version 1.00.09.DTO. Does anyone know if i can do this? (i don't wanna fry my motherboard). The reason i'm trying to do this is so i can use the "quickboot" option which skips the memory test at boot, while adding support for 333 mhz pentium ii's. So also, If anyone knows another way to add these features pleaselet me know. Thank you.
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