#39540 by Teh_One
Sun Jul 02, 2006 6:06 am
Basicly, I formated a pc for a friend of mine. At the time his floppy wasnt working, I donn't know what happen but I somehow ended up removing the battery :X due to the floppy issues. After that i simply replaced the floppy for him, installed windows, and for 4 days everything was hand dandy, until today, he got this.

BIOS ROM Checksum Error
Detecting floppy drive A media

*Note unlike the previous topics that I searched here, i do not see this
"insert system disk and press enter. "

I only get what is written on the lines above. The light stays on on the floppy, nothing seems to respond when you press buttons on keyboard, just sticks to that screen. Iv read the other threads about trying to go into bios, and I can't. Iv tried F1 - F12, and Del. the thing is, with F12 which is the button for getting into the bios, it got me to this one screen and displayed this.

O-AS BIOS RADEON 92005E113-AA010

A9200SE BIOS Version v5964.8.15.58.AS01

And nothing would seem to respond here either.

His mother board is an ASUS A7N8X-X