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ok now.. I've got an AMI BIOS on my pcchips m570 motherboard...
the bios allows me max 83MHz FSB and 5.5x....
I want to use a K6.2 500MHz processor so I've dicided to flash the BIOS and I hope to be able to use 100MHz FSB or 6x...
here are the files I was able to find...
plz tell me how to execute this program so it will flash my BIOS?
I always receive this message: Chipset/Flash part isn't available. The function will be invalid.
help me!...
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You boot into DOS and run the executable, making sure it has access to the other binary file (they have to both be on the floppy if you boot from one). From that point on it's pretty self-explanatory.

Another thing though: I don't know much about this, but on older boards like this one, the multiplier is set with jumpers, so unless you're absolutely sure that updating the BIOS will allow the board to use faster processors, I would think twice before doing it. At least make sure the binary you got is from the board manufacturer and is guranteed to work. It's a real pain to recover a badly flashed BIOS, is you succeed at all.

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The M570 came in two board revisions - make sure you pick the right Bios for your Revision !!

100MHz won't be posible and for 6x you'll need 2x setting in Bios or per jumper (remapped to 6x) .
With 83x6 the OnBoard Power regulators may get a little hot especially if you give more VCore - make sure they don't overheat
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