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I have this big problem. My keyboard connector on my motherboard (FIC VA-503+) broke off and I bought a USB keyboard. CTBIOS readout is as follows:
Computer ID : FC, Type : AT
BIOS Date : 04/18/00
Award BIOS found : Award Modular BIOS v4.60PGA
Award ID-String : 04/18/2000-VP3-586B-W877-2A5LEF09C-00
Board/BIOS-Version : Version JE439
OEM : F.I.C.
Chipset : VP3-586B-W877 //VIA 597VP3

With this keyboard installed I can't get into my bios to change anything., especially the USB Controller Enabled setting.

I found this program called ASETUP which seems to have been written for Award BIOS's so you can change your bios at a DOS prompt. But the problem is that it seems to only work in DOS (not a DOS box in Windows since it changes memory settings), and since my keyboard doesn't work in dos I can't use it.

If I can't get a program to work in a DOS box (since the keyboard works in Windows), would anyone know what wires in a keyboard cable needs to go to what pin in a 5 pin DIN. I have a IBM keyboard with the colors Red, Yellow, Light Gray, Brown (or black, hard to tell), and the shield wire.

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Try clearing CMOS and try again. It worked for me in several other boards.
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Or in case that the default setting is USB keyboard: disabled, you can use MODBIN to edit the BIOS so it will be enabled by default, then flash it and clear CMOS.
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Do you now how to set some parameters in BIOS from WINDOWS? Do you now for any program?

Alex, thanks! :!:
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not available.

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