HOTFLASHING Bad Bios Using Uniflash..

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I have an old Super TXPro Dual Socket Motherbaord for Slot1 and PGA370. I use to update my motherboard with out knowing that the Onboard Floppy controller is not in good condition or OUT OF ORDER... When flashing the motherboard from drive c using the Award Flash Utility i didn't know that i have the corrupted .bin file. When it was rebooted it display the AWARD Bootblock and say Floppy Drive Error or Bad or it couldn't not be detected by the motherboard even it is present and very well connected from the Drive Cable & Power Cable, Even changing 3 Floppy Drives...

So i dont have any choice but to use the hotflash method using a Uniflash software. I use a VIA Appolo VPX chipset or Tomato TX100-3D Motherboard. i do not try to put a 12V to VPP because from the motherboard itself see a circuit line to VPP so i suspect it was a 12V line. After booting to drive c: (MS-DOS Prompt), i remove the TX100-3D Bios and change with the Super TXPro Bios (SST39SF020 a 256K Bios i think) then i run uniflash -e with the new bios image of super txpro.BIN then it display the Uniflash Software and below it display flashing and the Status Bar. After the status bar reach 100% or full. i have not memorize the message but it goes something like this It Display Programming/Flashing write protected error or something like a write error and Retry Flashing [Y/N]. Pressing Yes it display again.

My Questions Are;

*Does TX100-3D BIOS Socket has 12V to the VPP pin part?

*Does Uniflash support TX100-3D Motherboard?

*Where could i connect the ground of 12V if i have to put 12V to VPP?
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Did you get verification error in half of the chip or everywhere? (X means error, solid block means OK). If you got errors in half of the chip, it means that the board does not support 256KB Flash ROMs.
SST 39SF020 is 5V only chip.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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I didn't read the rules
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Thank You Rainbow for your reply...

Flash Data Verification Error. Retry Write Operation [Y/N]?

This is the error message...
What are the possible problems of this... please give me sme advise where to flash a SST 39SF020 Bios...

Thank You Very Much....

Roy Reglan Arnaiz
Iligan City, Philippines
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