#30253 by dispersee
Sun Mar 13, 2005 5:20 pm
Hi there! I am experiencing unbelievable problems because of my old system configuration and I finally think I have analyzed what the problem was. My current configuration is:

CPU: AMD K6-2/266
Motherboard: Zida Technologies VIAVPX-TX98-3D
BIOS: AMIBIOS Ver. 1.20 / 1998 (I think it has been upgraded once in the late 90s from Ver. 1.14)

Now, the problem is I cannot install Windows 2000. I was able to install only Windows 98/NT 4.0/ME but unfortunately, I've always had different issues with these OS's. And as long as my hardware allows the installation of Win2k, I decided to try it. Of course, my PC unexpectedly restarts in the beginning of the Setup (after copying system files and before the actual installation). I couldn't understand what happened and started looking for information. As far as I understood, my BIOS doesn't support ACPI and because of that the installation is impossible. I tried to install in Standard PC mode but the setup continued to crash. So, as it is written on the Microsoft site, the only solution is to upgrade my BIOS, so that it works with the ACPI controller instead of the default AMI.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any step-by-step guide on flashing my kind of AMIBIOS (obviously, Zida has stopped supporting its products) and I am stuck - I have no OS and my PC is hanging on the BIOS Setup screen (F8). So, please, guys, give me a step-by-step and effective solution on upgrading my BIOS using Uniflash because my hands are really tied at the moment.

I saw on the Uniflash website that the VIA VPX has been successfully tested using Uniflash, so I guess there won't be any problems. Hope, someone can help.

10x in advance

P.S. The exact model of my mainboard is: